Galaxia Gardens, Near Infocity Eve, Bhubaneswar

Address : Plot no-3, Sub Plot 5, Infocity Ave, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751024

Place Type : Private land

Description : Its an open air food court/ entertainment place. There are more than 15 shops of food, snacks, tea, coffee, icecreams, soft-drinks. This unique place have a sitting arrangement of 300+ peoples. Though most of the people here are youngsters of near by colleges and IT parks, one can also see families and children enjoy here. This place has good parking space for both cars and bikes.

Images of Place


  • System Code : HII00101
  • Outgoing Phone : +91-8114372712
  • HII System installed on: 14-04-2019
  • Screen Type : 50 inch (7.4 sqft) FHD LED SCREEN
  • Screen ON Time : 04.00 PM to 10.00 PM
  • Daily Footfalls : 400-500
  • Monthly Calls : 150- 250
  • Monthly Charging : 30

Additional Features

canopyCanopy can be place in Galaxia Gardens premises. Contact our team for more details regarding this.

flashmobFlashmobs can be arranged with music and sound in the open space. Recently XIMB and KIIT has done their flashmobs.

Current Advertising Slots Distribution

Last Updated : 27-02-2020

Total Advertisements Slots

Daily Play Duration : 21600s (6 hrs)

* Two clients of 50 rotaions counted as 1 slot (2x50 rotations = 1x100 rotations)

Slot NumberClient’s NameSlot DurationSlot RotationsFrom DateTo DatePackage Duration
0Galaxia Gardens10100NANANA
1Blue Wheel Hospital3010001-02-202028-02-20201 Month
2Embika weddings3010025-02-202025-03-20201 Month
3Hotel Middleton3010001-02-202030-04-20203 Months
4PaaniPariba.com3010001-02-202028-02-20201 Month
5CuttackWalla Jewellery3010001-02-202031-03-20202 Month
6Khurana Brothers3010001-02-202031-03-20202 Month